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There has never been a better time to sell your home.  As a Realtor and Real Estate Broker in the state of Colorado, UBF Real Estate Services, Inc. can provide the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to sell your home by taking  into account your needs and expectations during the sales process.

If your objective is to sell your home and make the absolute most money out of the sale of that home, we can help you remodel and update the areas of your home which will provide the most return with the smallest investment. We can also make sure that your home is prepared in the best possible manner for the buying public by staging your home prior to the sale.

Some homeowners hate selling their home.  It is an absolute nightmare to think of the preparation and stress involved with preparing a home and then having strangers walk through the home for months on end.  If you want to avoid all of the aggravation of the traditional sale of your home, we can purchase your home quickly, with no commissions, and avoid the stress and frustration some people experience in selling their home.

Traditional Listing

2% Listing Fee

Three Great Options for Selling your Home


Selecting the right company to assist with your real estate needs is one of the most important choices you will make with your home. You need a professional real estate company with exceptional integrity, superior knowledge, and an abundance of experience to advise you during your real estate transaction.  UBF Real Estate Services goes beyond the typical real estate company by thoroughly identifying your needs and goals.  Not all people want the same things from a real estate company, we provide multiple options to serve your specific real estate needs.  We offer three Great Options for selling your home.

Sell it Quick & Easy